BPK 0240 A

BPK 0240 A
  • BPK 0240 A

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    The high-performance forming line BPK 0240 A can deliver up to 1,25 million of candy pieces per hour. Seamless and completely burrfree filled or unfilled candy pieces are formed. Up to 240 m sugar rope is processed per minute. The forming pressure is precisely adjustable and reproducible for every size of candy. The pneumatic forming-pressure control is also precisely adjustable, wear free and gentle on the product. By using optimized pressure- and back cams, the forming roller can be eliminated. This means that wear and level of noise generated are significantly reduced, the operating convenience is higher and the performance increases to 240 m per minute. The high forming quality enables the full exploitation of modern high-performance wrapping machines and of their failure-free operation.Sizing section:The sugar-mass rope, arriving from a batch former or extruder, is taken in by the triple roller vertical batch feeder and is fed to the five subsequent pairs of sizing rollers. The vertical batch feeder, the sizing rollers and the forming machine are controlled by separate, yet synchronized, servo drives, thereby guaranteeing optimal speed control of the individual sizing rollers as well as with the forming die, from start-up to the maximum speed. Before the last pair of sizing rollers, hygienically fitted capacity switches monitor the rope stretching without being in contact with the product. The arc of the rope over the capacity switches determines the speed of the sizing part. The weight of the candy piece is adjusted precisely in conjunction with the final pair of sizing rollers.Forming sectionFrom the sizing section the rope of sugar mass is fed via the infeed channel into the forming die. The cutting point, cutting pressure as well as forming pressure are adjustable and thus warrant optimal forming results and a long service life for the forming die. The forming pressure is adjusted pneumatically with a wear free bellow cylinder. The candy is formed using the well-known Uniplast system and is discharged via a swivelling conveyor belt which oscillates in a gentle, product-conserving manner thereby ensuring an even distribution on the belt of the cooling tunnel. An exhaust system extracts any occurring fines to prevent the accumulation of sugar dust in the forming section.Uncomplicated and fast exchange of the forming die, easy cleaning Rope speed of up to 240 m/min, with simultaneous noise reduction due to the optimized forming system The setting parameters can be saved and retrieved by the push of a button High operator convenience due to user friendly interface Gentle and product-conserving rope stretching by infinite speed adaptation of the individual pairs of sizing rollers The forming line is completed by a rope former / extruder and a cooling tunnel Reproducible seamless and burr free production of candy Automatic lubricating system Low maintenance, robust and user friendly Optional: seven instead of five pairs of rollers
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