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    The Transver SDP (SmartDistribution Depositing Pullnose) is a product distribution system (PDS) that gently feeds products into a horizontal flow wrapper. The pullnose belt tilts downwards to separate one row of products from the next. When the pullnose retracts the row is released to the cross-feeding belt and the infeed of the flow wrapper. This mid-field distribution solution is ideal for growing companies seeking automation and provides a particularly attractive price performance ratio.To ensure efficiency and reliability, the Transver SDP features the latest servo-drive technology. Even the most challenging food products can be efficiently handled achieving high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). The modular design supports easy maintenance and cleaning by including an easy-to-clean stainless steel frame, double wing doors to support full accessibility for cleaning, and consolidated signal and power cables. The absence of product guide components also reduces cleaning effort and leads to minimum changeover times. Changeovers can be accomplished by simply switching product recipes via the Human Machine Interface (HMI).The PDS can be easily integrated upstream into existing packaging lines, giving manufacturers the benefit of a single-source solution supplier. BenefitsHygienic design for high accessibility and cleanability Full servo motion profile Flexible in terms of fast changeover and gentle product handling Reliable design for durable construction, designed for 24/7 operation Handles a wide range of food products Non-contact product transfer and cross-feeding
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