Kliklok TRAC-i - Right Angle Collator

Kliklok TRAC-i - Right Angle Collator
  • Kliklok TRAC-i - Right Angle Collator

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    The independently-driven TRAC-i (Transfer Right-Angle Collator) provides collation and transfer of products into the continuously running PIC (Product Infeed Conveyor) of endload cartoning systems.Products arriving at random pass over a two-stage smartbelt system, which adapts the speed and spacing of products for accurate timing into the overhead sweep assembly. Products may be swept individually or collated side-by-side or end-to-end.The servo design, rugged stainless steel construction, and compact footprint provide layout and application flexibility. Special configurations allow cost-effective high-speed product stacking and grouping.Random infeed with Smartbelt adjustment Product length check and abort Collation and indexing Compact design Stacking flexibilityYour benefits at a glance Speeds up to 150 products/min Side-by-side and end-to-end collating Stacking options Product length check with abort Easy size change Stainless steel design
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