PME 4101 / PME 4161

PME 4101 / PME 4161
  • PME 4101 / PME 4161

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    The PME series with its modular machine concept stands for flexible and premium packaging technology, enabling short format changes and quick adaption to new production requirements.

    Part of this series are the PME 4101 and PME 4161 intermittent motion package makers based on the vertical bagger principle. A modular filling and closing section allows producing premium bags with good stability and application of several head closures.

    The machine is available in linear and circular design to allow the optimum use of production floor space.


    • Modular design for flexible adjustments on packaging process
    • Variety of head closures and packaging forms possible
    • Package transport for nicely shaped bags with excellent standing ability
    • Optimized product settling for efficient secondary packaging
    • Open and ergonomic machine design for easy operation, maintenance and cleaning
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