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    Operation The Feed Placer is operated through color touch screens. Format changes are easily and quickly carried out as all the sizes to be produced are stored in the form of «recipes» and can be easily retrieved at the push of a button. Basically, the replacement of mechanical size parts is carried out without any tools. For example, the gripper is exchanged by using a special quick-lock device. The possibility of optimizing all the important control parameters online (depending on the preset user level) without in any way interrupting the production ensures maximum availability and reliability. Products and packaging styles High flexibility in respect of product size and shape and safe inspection is ensured through the integrated vision system. Differently shaped and oriented products and containers are detected and any faulty ones are automatically ignored. The optional recognition of the products in the work area even enables the packing of rolling and moving products. Specially developed grippersensure that not only almost all products are precisely picked but also guarantee a consistently high product quality through especially gentle and hygienic handling. Construction und design The modular and compact design allows a simple and individual integration in an existing production process, as well as good accessibility and system overview. The highly dynamic Delta robots excel through their maintenance-free and robust design. The observance of higher standards of hygiene is ensured as all the components which come into contact with the product, like belts and grippers, facilitate simple and quick cleaning. Applications The Feed Placer Sigpack LDF is a highly flexible Delta robot system for the feeding of products into flow wrappers and thermoform machines. The products are fed to the robot cell on a conveyor belt. Then they can, for example, be placed directly on the in feed chain of flow wrappers. Benefits of the robot handling are, amongst others, the careful alignment of sensitive products as wellas the ability to buffer or close gaps. Furthermore, robotic handling allows a high degree of flexibility with regard to the employed format, for example the stacking and sorting of products and the preparing of different multi-packs. The adaptation of the chain speed to the product flow is controlled automatically. Other modules, such as blister den esters, package insert dispensers and labelers, can be integrated if required. Benefits: Flexibility Flexibility in product size and production through integrated vision system and gripping technology Customer-specific integration into the existing production process High investment protection through reliable and flexible Product quality Robotic technology Gentle handling of the products and precise positioning Integrated quality control Simple and convenient cleaning Efficiency and availability Quick and simple format change-over Reliable and intuitive control platform Very modest maintenance requirements

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