Elematic 2001 WA/WAH

Elematic 2001 WA/WAH
  • Elematic 2001 WA/WAH

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    The Elematic 2001 is a configurable case packer, covering the range from compact, cost-efficient basic machines to flexible pack styles and complex high-performance variants. The machine was designed with reduced footprint compared to the previous edition and it offers a maximum flexibility in terms of different pack styles. With speeds of up to 40 cases per minute and an infeed of 600 products per minute, it is one of the fastest and most flexible case packers available on the market.The format range is versatile and covers the cases from simple one-piece wraparound cases to shelf-ready two-piece cases. Easy and reproducible changeover thanks to the Elematic click system. Most format changes take less than six minutes.The machine’s frame pillar comprises an integrated granulate tank, which automatically feeds granulate into the hot glue melt station throughout the production process. This eliminates any risk of injury from hot glue and reduces the frequency of refilling.Thanks to a newly developed blank feed movement, the Elematic 2001 has a higher tolerance for blanks that are slightly bent due to humidity and changing temperatures. As a result, fewer blanks need to be thrown away, contributing to a more sustainable production. Benefits:High performance on a small footprint Tray & hood and wrap-around on one machine Wide format range and maximum pack style flexibility Material efficiency thanks innovative blank feed movement Integrated granulate tank for save refilling Ergonomic machine design with one clear operator side Elematic click and lock system
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