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Sigpack DTI
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    Products Bars, biscuits, baked goods and other productsProduct characteristics Hard, soft, brittle, sticky or non-stickyConstruction This freely accessible and modular distribution station is available in left-hand and right-hand versions. All components are reliable, service-friendly and perfectly aligned. Drives are equipped with AC Servo motors. The belts can be changed easily. There are no static parts above the process belt to ensure that products are not contaminated during the process.Mode of operationThe product rows are transferred via a deflector to a waiting belt to re-align irregular production patterns. From here, the product rows are passed onto a cross conveyor belt. To maintain a continuous product flow, speed is adjustable to the flow. A driven lateral guide aligns all products in a straight line.Operation The large touch-screen enables fast access to all required areas and functions such as parameter entry, error indicator, shift statistics and trouble-shooting procedures. Benefits:Optimal access for cleaning and maintenance Re-adjustment of irregular product flow Excellent hygiene standards High efficiency Easy operation and high operational safety Fast belt changes AC servo motors
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