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Kliklok C1F
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    The Kliklok C1F is a medium speed continuous motion automatic closer for single flap, hinge cover cartons. The C1F single flap closer incorporates a controlled carton transport system. The result is a highly efficient and reliable carton closing system, with a compact, in-line design.Features include infinitely variable speed, up to 150 cartons per minute, depending on infeed system. The machine also has the flexibility to handle a wide range of different cartons and allows quick repeatable settings via screw drives and easily readable digital indicators.The fully automatic infeed device accepts cartons from any feeding conveyor. Each machine is comprehensively guarded and a variety of coding systems can be provided.An alternative version, the C1H closer, is specially designed to close “hood cover” style cartons, for example tea “caddy” packs. This machine has the same features and benefits as the C1F closer. The C1H has a moving overhead which manipulates the carton to create the hood cover. Both versions have 2 infeed options: Pneumatic gate for speeds up to 80 cpm and “Smartbelt” up to 150 cpm.Your benefits at a glance Speeds up to 150 cpm Stainless steel construction Fast size changes Interactive touchscreen HMI Controlled carton transport system Compact in-line design
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