Sigpack RN/KG3

Sigpack RN/KG3
  • Sigpack RN/KG3

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    The Sigpack RN/KG3 Flatpouch System will help you to have a long-active success. The system consists of a primary packaging, a transport and grouping module and a secondary packaging. This integrated solutions afford highest output on smallest space.

    The primary packaging Sigpack RN is a multi-lane, vertical sachet machine and is optimized for the packaging process of sensitive powder or granules from the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The high requirements to our technique and quality ensure a high performance, accuracy and reliability.

    The combination with the Sigpack KG3 leads to a minimized system layout. This highly integrated construction extend the Sigpack RN perfectly and realized a efficient system solution. The format range is flexible adjustable and offer a wide possibility in the cartoning dimensions and the disposal of the products.


    • Lean processes
    • Safe interfaces
    • Guaranteed system efficiency

    Compact layout

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Easy operating

    High system output

    • Up to 1000 sachets/ 100 cartons/ min

    High pouch quality

    • Weight accuracy
    • Reliable tightness
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