WRF 600

WRF 600
  • WRF 600

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    The Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) forming technology is a novel system that has been developed on the basis of our great range of experience. The professional and universal slab-forming machine guarantees a particularly wide range of application. Any mouldable mass, from cereal, granola or muesli masses to fruit, jelly, foam and caramel masses, may be moulded into a mass slab with the Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) 2-roller former.An optimum tempering of the rollers is provided by the double duct tempering channels A constant and even roller temperature across the entire working width is guaranteed Optional: oiling device that ensures the caramel slab to be optimally removed from the rollers Stainless steel design Wear-resistant forming rollers with a high-gloss hard chromium surface All over double-walled and temperable mass funnel, with an anti-adhesive sealing (no sticking e.g. of glutinous masses) Easy to open mass funnel facilitates a simple inspecting, emptying and cleaning of the machine Simple and easy accessibility for maintenance and cleaning without tools - “quick-release“!
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