Pack 102 Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

Pack 102 Flow Wrap Packaging Machine
  • Pack 102 Flow Wrap Packaging Machine

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    Horizontal flow wraps Flow wraps are the means of packaging and protecting a product with a flexible material supplied in roll stock format, providing low costs per pack. Items can be wrapped individually, in groups, on cards or in trays. The packages can be equipped with easy opening and reclosability features. In many market segments flow wraps have been a popular pack style for decades. The ideal packaging machine for small- and mid-sized enterprises The Pack 102 is an entry-level horizontal flow wrapper that packages products in flow wraps. With an output of up to 150 packages per minute, this machine is the ideal companion for mom and pop shops and medium-sized businesses who are taking their first steps in automation or need a flow wrapper to run small batches. A multi-talented machine for nearly any application Due to the machine’s extremely wide product size range, the Pack 102 is flexible enough to wrap small and flat to very large and tall products. It is suitable for nearly any industry,ranging from bakery, bars, biscuits, cookies and crackers, fresh produce, medical devices and more. Changing over between different products is straight-forward and in many cases no change parts are required. Watch video Benefits Economic entry-level packaging machine for lower production volumes Made and serviced in the USA High quality packages Standard in stainless steel execution for ease of cleaning and longer machine life Quick delivery Attractive price Easy to operate and requires virtually no routine maintenance Professional training packages available Free helpdesk support for troubleshooting Extensive service technician network with fast responses to service requests

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