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Pack 403
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    As the successor of the Pack 401, the Pack 403 has been significantly upgraded and is packed with added new features to completely redefine machine operation. The machine and the HMI are perfectly aligned for a user-centered experience. Due to a narrow machine design it is ideal for wrapping high-speed application products like bars, bakery goods, chocolate, cookies and crackers/biscuits. Easier operation Clear instructions showing the splice preparation process directly on the splicing table, significantly increase successful splices Innovative feature to precisely measure and control film tension, resulting in fewer jams and consistent package appearance during production speed changes and during machine starts and stops Manual hand wheel to rotate the cutting head, allowing easier service and maintenance while avoiding contact with the hot sealing surfaces New film former which is significantly smaller and lighter while being completely tool-less, greatly reducing changeover time and improving theergonomics Improved sealing Refined crimper set-up to simplify the process of alignment and pressure adjustment for greater repeatability and accuracy. This was achieved by implementing repeatable locking mechanisms for the finer pitch gap adjustment on the cross sealing station and easy-to-read pressure gauges on the fin seal units. Easier format changes Tool-less changeovers for most of the tasks or HMI based adjustments for different products and package configurations Easy-to-read scale for each adjustment point for simple and repeatable product changeovers which can be easily saved in the HMI HMI 4.0 and Industry 4.0/IoT Syntegon’s new HMI 4.0 , next generation of intelligent human-machine interfaces is the gateway to Industry 4.0 (I 4.0)/IoT and supports connectivity to Syntegon’s I 4.0 solutions: Operations Assistant: Create and store step-by-step instructions including text, images and videos to simplify daily operations and to minimize training for new and experienced employees MaintenanceAssistant: Communicates real-time information and instructions for upcoming maintenance and cleaning jobs Line Dashboard: Provides real-time overview about machine and line status and KPI drilldown Condition Monitoring: Allows for real-time monitoring of machine and line condition Energy Monitoring: Provides real-time energy monitoring and helps to avoid costs caused by energy leakages, predicts failures through threshold setting and minimizes unplanned maintenance. Virtual Remote Support: Supports remote diagnosis, administration, installation of software updates, software and parameter backup as well as review of machine settings. And many more. Benefits Consistent quality, proven packaging and feeding solutions, for full automation and 24/7 operation Easy, error-free adjustments: All adjustments are easy to understand, repeatable and can be documented in the HMI User-centered design for ease of operation HMI 4.0 Industry 4.0/IoT ready

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