SVC series

SVC series
  • SVC series

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    Science of smart design – Solving the hygiene equation

    Safeguard your brand from costly recalls and comply with the latest food safety regulation standards with the hygienic SVC packaging machine from Syntegon.

    The state-of-the-art SVC vertical packaging platform provides high hygiene levels, protecting product packaging from potential contaminants. The SVC bagger is ideal for free-flowing goods, such as powders, proteins, chicken, fresh and frozen products.


    Increase uptime and get your product to the market faster with a continuous motion vertical fill form and seal bagger (VFFS). Its streamlined design enables easy set-up, operation and maintenance, while changing bags and vacuum belts - as well as other adjustments - are quick and require no tools, greatly reducing downtime. Its intuitive Human Machine Interface (HMI) minimizes training time and provides clear data read-outs and offline monitoring.


    Optimize your investment with a customized packaging solution. Select the execution to fit your requirements with various sealing options (PHS, HS or Ultrasonic), bag styles (pillow, gusseted, block bottom and corner seal) and hygienic cleaning options (IP55 and IP66). The SVC series is designed to handle any free flowing dry, fresh or frozen food product, or any other packaged product - especially those facing the ever-increasing global food safety requirements.


    The SVC offers three different cleaning options to match your packaging operation, whether you require dry wipedown, low-pressure or a high-pressure water method, the SVC consistently delivers the optimal hygiene level, protecting your product against contamination. That’s the SVC promise.


    • Complete hygienic design with open stainless steel frame for increased for easy maintenance and operation
    • Various cleaning modes to suit your application: dry, wet or washdown
    • Tool-less bag style changeovers for high-speed production
    • Powerful direct drive film shaft for enhanced hygiene
    • Intuitive HMI for easy operation
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