SVE 3620 LR

SVE 3620 LR
  • SVE 3620 LR

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    The SVE 3620 LR is a continuous motion bagger designed for the efficient packaging of large formats at high speeds.

    Using corrosion-proof materials, the machine is ideal for packaging products in cold and moist environments, with high requirements on cleaning.


    • Continuous motion leads to high productivity
    • Bag widths up to 380 mm
    • Corrosion-proof execution meets high requirements on cleaning
    • Maintenance-free servo-technology ensures reliable production
    • Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) controls enable precise machine movements for smooth production and good bag quality
    • Intuitive HMI allows easy operation and short training time
    • Open frame for easy access and maintenance
    • Compact machine design for good ergonomics, product-conserving filling and optimal use of floor space
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