FRO Ophthalmic Bottle Filler

FRO Ophthalmic Bottle Filler
  • FRO Ophthalmic Bottle Filler

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    FRO Rotary Filling System for ophthalmic productsFRO Rotary Filling Systems are ideally suited to larger fill volumes associated with contact lens solution and other products up to 500ml.The stainless steel design of the table deck and hardware are ideal for the harsh production environment. They have the ability to withstand caustic products and cleaning solutions providing a long life-cycle and reduced maintenance costs.The FRO is capable of filling and capping up to 300 bottles per minute, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. BenefitsStainless steel construction provides long term service in a harsh environment High-speed system can fill up to 300 bottles per minute Integrated capper (optional) ensures a high quality product Able to handle a variety of bottle types with minimal size parts
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