BTK 1000 - 4000

BTK 1000 - 4000
  • BTK 1000 - 4000

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    The cooling and tempering conveyor BTK is available in four basic models, depending on the requirements of the associated cooking plant. Differences exist in the width, in the number of the kneading rollers, turning blades, cooling zones and washing station.Method of operation:The candy mass, which flows continuously (from the inline mixer) onto the tempering conveyor of the processing line, is evenly cooled down for the subsequent processing and formed to a mass strap. Thus it is assured that the candy mass has a uniform temperature, a high suppleness and a good ductility.The cooling of the mass is reached through 3 to 4 cooling zones, where tempered water is sprayed up against the steel band. The water temperature can be set separately for each tempering zone.Up to four ropes can be processed at the same time. The candy mass can be applied with a defined thickness at the adjustable thickness controller. Therefore constant cooling is possible. The rollers of the kneading station are able to be folded up to allow fast cleaning. Before the mass arrives at the transport conveyor belt an oiling station applies an extremely thin even film of oil or separating wax onto the steel band.Depending on the type, one to four ropes can be processed at the same time Adjustable kneading rollers Rollers of the kneading station are able to be folded up, for fast cleaning Application of separating wax onto the steel band through greasing station
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