Sigpack DSN

Sigpack DSN
  • Sigpack DSN

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    Molded tablets, with or without splintered or whole ingredients, as well as with or without filling.

    Wrapping material

    Inner wrap: Plain or backed aluminium foil, heatsealable, OPP of suitable quality, supply from reel.

    Outer wrap: Paper from stack or reel, carton from stack

    Packaging systems

    Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) infeed systems and secondary packaging machines complement the Sigpack DSN to form a complete, fully automatic packaging system with the highest efficiency.


    • Gentle product handling
    • Compact, robust and reliable construction
    • Minimum maintenance requirement
    • Automatic oil spray lubrication
    • Conveniently laid out and easy to operate
    • No product – no wrapping material feed
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