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    ProductsBars, chocolate tablets, biscuits, baked goods, packed and unpackedProduct characteristicsSolid, semi-solid, stable, not stickyConstructionThanks to its modular design the regulator can be individually adapted to the needs of the packaging system. The product rows are buffered in individual gondolas which are attached on both sides, continuously running in a loop. The Yo-Yo principle means that the buffer capacity can be adapted online to compensate for any kind of irregularities in the production. The lightweight gondolas are designed for the use of a variety of products and can be exchanged without any tools. The accumulator works on the «first-in – first-out» principle. As an option products can be cooled.Mode of operationDepending on its position within the system, in addition to its regular buffering function, the regulator can perform a range of further tasks such as buffering products, for example during ripening, feeding, synchronizing, grouping or transferring them to another level of production. Loading and unloading of the regulator is possible at different speeds. Servomotors ensure gentle handling. The Sigpack DFR is able to buffer unpacked and packed products. Due to the decoupling of the packaging process from the manufacturing process productivity will increase substantially.OperationThe large touch-screen enables fast access to all required system sectors and functions such as parameter entry, error indicator, shift statistics and trouble-shooting procedures. Benefits:Higher productivity due to regular production flow High storage capacity Variability of online storage capacity Feeding of 1-3 packaging legs Simple operation Small footprint, high ceiling required Good accessibility for cleaning and maintenance
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