Elematic 1001 SL Sideload Casepacker

Elematic 1001 SL Sideload Casepacker
  • Elematic 1001 SL Sideload Casepacker

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    The Elematic 1001 SL is Syntegon’s standardized Sideload Case Packer for packaging products into Regular Slotted Cases (RSC), also known as American cases. It was specifically designed with ergonomics and robustness in mind.Ease of useThe machine is easy to run, clean and maintain for operators. Additionally, the fully servo driven technology make it a reliable and efficient alternative for food producers – from medium and small companies to large corporationsThe long inline blank magazine and the serial prefeeder with a simplified ergonomic loading height for blanks reduces the frequency needed to refill. The runtime autonomy is at 15 to 20 minutes. The case packer is easily accessible and the machine operation process is visibleChangeoverThanks to the intuitive Elematic Click System, changing formats is easy and reproducible at any time and no tools are needed. A changeover can be done in up to 10 minutes.FlexibilityThe Sideload Case Packer is very versatile due to its large format range, from very small to very large sized collations. The Case Packer groups products in single or multi-row or layer collations and sideloads them into corrugated or solid board. Benefits:ReliabilityDesigned for 24/7 production Components of the case packer are based on standardized and configurable modulesEase of Use and High AvailabilityErgonomic blank magazine height High blank capacity Good accessibility Easy-to-clean design Visibility of packaging process Easy maintenanceVersatilityFast and toolless format changeovers Wide format range
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