WRF 600 Flex

WRF 600 Flex
  • WRF 600 Flex

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    Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) is launching its WRF 600 Flex slab former with a flexible working width, which optimizes or eliminates the trim when processing bar slabs, including cereal-, candy-, protein- and fruit bars.The major benefit is the flexibility of the working width even during production and the following optimum cutting edge. As a result, less product is wasted, helping decrease production costs and contribute to faster return on investment (ROI).Optimum cutting edge due to flexible working width No production stop for setting necessary Tool-free cleaning and maintenance Hygienic design Roller cross-flow tempering for optimized temperature profile Easy and precise setting of roller gap (offset) Easy to open mass funnel facilitates inspecting, empting and cleaning the machine
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