Makat TF 8000 / L / SL

Makat TF 8000 / L / SL
  • Makat TF 8000 / L / SL

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    The drying and cooling plant TF 8000 has specially been developed to dry and cool starch.The herein used whirl-layer-procedure ensures an excellent heat transfer and a high economic efficiency of the installation. For an involvement of the dryer/cooler in the complete starch circulation screw conveyors can be delivered. In this case an individual screw conveyor plan will be established.To satisfy the respective thermo technical requirements, the standard version of the dryer or/and cooler can be completed by the corresponding additional components. The control can be separately or be integrated into the control for a supplied Makat mogul line.Excellent heat transfer High efficiency of the machine To integrate the dryer/cooler into the complete powder form cycle, powder augers can be supplied The operation is carried out separetely as well as integrated in the control panel of an enclosed Makat-Mogul plant
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