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    With their modular construction the RopeX series of standard extruders offers a new flexibility that allows their use in almost all application areas and production lines. Applicable for high-quality innovative trend products, filled, co-extruded and tri-extruded products.Method of operation:Subject to the upstream process technology the mass feeds into the extruder hopper. Flexible and adaptable infeed rollers transfer the mass to the extruding screws at a speed optimized for the processed product. The scroll, geometrically adapted to the product’s rheological properties, feeds the product to the extruder head, producing the pressure required for forming. There, the product is formed into an endless rope. The rope can be full, hollow or be filled. The filling device (option) is connected to the extruder head. The filling is introduced into the hollow rope within the extruder head. The temperatures in the extruder housing and extruder head are adapted to the product via controllable and adjustable tempering units.Product contact parts are made of stainless steel. The extruder barrel can be opened electrically for a better access in case of maintenance or cleaning.Wide product range Competitively priced Short delivery times Lines for cut and packaged high and low-boiled products, filled high-boiled candy, and chewing gum Application: as stand-alone system, as semi-automatic or fully automatic production lines
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