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    ProductsBiscuits, crackers or baked goods, single, stacked or on edge, bars and other products requiring high packaging barriers.PackageLoose or tight pillow packs with or without gusset folding. The end fins are longitudinally or cross crimped, with straight or zig-zag cut. The longitudinal seam is longitudinally or cross crimped. Optional extras include print code, carton insert, labels and opening aid. Hermetic packages due to extended heat sealing time.Packaging materialPrinted or plain heat-sealable mono or laminated films including aluminum laminates.ConstructionA robust modular servo machine, designed for 3-shift operation and ensuring optimal system integration. A strict separation of product/ packaging material handling and drive elements level of hygiene requirements. The machine is available in left and right hand versions and includes automatic film splicing.Ergonomics and DesignThe Sigpack HCA is designed to ensure easy access to all machine parts. Its ergonomic operating height allows smooth operation, fast format changes and easy change of packaging material reels. The casings provide safety and noise protection, and metal trays collect crumbs and dust.OperationThe Sigpack HCA has a large touchscreen for the setting of product-specific parameters. Any occurring malfunction is indicated, together with a troubleshooting guide. Additionally, production statistics as well as the current operating status can be requested. During standard operation the machine can be operated via a separate keyboard. Your benefitsHigh flexibility with maximum productivity Fast heat sealing and very tight seals Hygienic design with optimal accessibility for maintenance and cleaning Optimal ease of use and operational safety Fast and secure format changes Perfect integration with distribution and infeed systems (Seamless Systems)
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