Kliklok RTS - Rotary Transfer System

Kliklok RTS - Rotary Transfer System
  • Kliklok RTS - Rotary Transfer System

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    Kliklok’s Rotary Transfer System (RTS) is an efficient, continuous-motion, high speed product handling solution. The machine accepts randomly arriving product onto a timing belt conveyor, carries them through 90 degrees via a carousel, and gently places them in the correct orientation into the infeed conveyor of an endload cartoner. This fast and robust solution is ideal for products that need gentle yet rapid transfer from narrow end leading to broad side leading, prior to cartoning. For example, frozen ready meals arriving directly from a freezer.Continuous, high-speed gentle motion Six-stage smart phasing Packaging line flexibility Easy operation with touchscreen HMI Optional collating and product abortYour benefits at a glance Continuous high-speed gentle motion Speeds up to 250 products/min Easy to use touchscreen HMI Easy size change Stainless steel washdown design (IP65)
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