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    PackagingFlow Pack Packaging with or without gussets with option for hot or cold sealing, straight or zigzag-cut and diverse types of end seal profiles. Tear tape for easy opening as an option. Single or multi-packs with varied product grouping and stacking options.Machine designRobust execution to Bosch’s high quality standard. Clear separation between drive and product area for high hygiene level. Available in left and right hand versions. The automated reel change ensures uninterrupted operation. Integrates with differentfeeding systems to eliminate interfaces and ensure high efficiency levels. Three independent driven axes: feeding chain traction, film pull and activation of sealing jaws.ErgonomicsEasy access to all machine parts for cleaning and maintenance. Trays for collection of product residue. Ergonomic height for format change. Safety protection with safety switches according to NR12/CE.Integration in packaging linesWide range of feeding systems for packaging of products flat, such as: inline feeder for individual or grouped products, dual inline feeder for stacking of two products at high speed, inline stacking unit (PSC) for stacking of up to 6 products, diverse feeding systems for wafers, chocolates and soaps, smart magazines, among others.Product distribution systemsChanneling table, conveyor belts, stacking stations and vibrating chutes including buffer, suited for biscuits that can be transported on-edge. Distribution (drop) stations for delicate products like filled biscuits and chocolate bars that must be transported in horizontal position. Benefits:Productivity: High performance, rugged design and reliability Easy: Operation, size change, cleaning, maintenance Flexibility: Diverse product distribution, feeding and stacking options
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