Pack 301 ID

Pack 301 ID
  • Pack 301 ID

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    The Pack 301 ID combines the two proven technologies behind Syntegon's inverted and long dwell flow wrappers to create one machine capable of gentle product handling and hermetically sealed seams. The inverted long dwell wrapper features a consistent seal time independent of the machine's product flow. This guarantees an air-tight seal even during ramp up and down periods for extended product shelf life and less waste.The Pack 301 ID is particularly ideal for the packaging of fresh produce, soft products, pharamaceuticals, multi-packs, meat and dairy, as well as other products that are difficult to handle using a traditional upright flow wrapper or require Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). Long dwell sealing times of up to one second ensure heretically sealed packages.The machine's inverted film path gently transports the product directly onto the film from the former through the cutting head, greatly reducing jams and ensuring superior package appearance. The Pack 301 ID features a modular film backstand that can be located in various positions relative to the infeed and wrapper, allowing users to optimize the film path. The result is reduced film waste. BenefitsInverted design feeds film from below the product to securely carry hard to handle product through the wrapper Film backstand can be located in various positions for ideal product trasport and minimal film waste Flexibility to integrate with a variety of infeeds (flighted, lug-less, trough style, belt feeders) Long Dwell sealing times of up to 1 second ensure hermetically sealed packages Seal time independent of machine speed guarantees constant sealing conditions
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