Pack 301 LD

Pack 301 LD
  • Pack 301 LD

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    The Pack 301 LD horizontal flow wrapper is equipped with a long dwell sealing head to produce hermetically sealed packages that provide optimal product protection and longer shelf life. With speeds up to 150 packages/min, this innovative packaging machine can be used for the packaging of a wide range of products. It is however, especially suited for fresh, perishable goods as well as products packaged in thicker film like most medical goods. The machine's mechanics and controls can be adapted for simple hand fed operation or for fully automated medium-speed wrapping. Designed in accordance with the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) principle, the Pack 301 LD simplifies maintenance and maximizes uptime. Benefits Long dwell sealing times of up to 1 second ensure hermetically sealed packages Seal time independent of machine speed guarantees constant sealing conditions Independent temperature control of top and bottom sealing jaws No jam feature - automatic detection of product between cross-sealing jawsprevents jamming, minimizing cleaning time and reducing downtime Designed in accordance with the TPM to simplify maintenance and maximize uptime Toolless knife change

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