Pack 403 HE

Pack 403 HE
  • Pack 403 HE

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    The Pack 403 HE is a fully-automated horizontal flow wrapper which is specifically designed for harsh environment use. Due to its narrow machine design, the Pack 403 is suited for medium to high-speed wrapping of food products, which require strict hygiene during the packaging process. The machine is ideal for food productions, which are packaging different product on the same machine and therefore need to avoid contamination with allergens, germs or unwanted ingredients.


    • Fast, reliable automation for high production volumes
    • Foam-and-rinse concept, allowing the use of aggressive cleaning agents and rinsing
    • Servo-driven power feed rollers to optimize film tension and tracking
    • Cantilevered and removable discharge belts to reject faulty packages with compressed air
    • Refined crimper set-up for best sealing results
    • Tool-less changeovers or HMI 4.0 based adjustments for configurations
    • Automatic film splicer for fast film changes
    • Minimal use of mechanical parts to reduce wear and maintenance
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