Pack 301 LS (Length Slug)

Pack 301 LS (Length Slug)
  • Pack 301 LS (Length Slug)

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    With the continued growth and product diversification in the global biscuit market, flexibility and adaptability are becoming critical factors for success. The Pack 301 LS mid-range automation solution addresses exactly those variables combined with premium product quality. The machine can package any type of biscuit on edge, from round, square or rectangular to sandwich biscuits.Innovative features ensure an optimal product control throughout the packaging line: from the moment products are loaded into the cross chain until the package is sealed.The full servo-controlled product transfer from the cross chain into the wrapper’s infeed chain, for example, features pre-acceleration. This allows for an optimal synchronization between the transfer unit and the infeed chain, eliminating impact on the product and maintaining product quality.High layout flexibility offers manufacturers a configuration according to their specific needs. The modular design enables scalable solutions, facilitating easy expansion of production capacities and an increase in the level of automation from hand loading to fully automated solutions. Benefits:Optimal product control for gentle handling Great accessibility for operator friendliness and simplified cleaning Highly flexible layout configuration From hand loading to fully automated solutions Fast and easy changeovers
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