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Sigpack HML
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    The Sigpack HML is a compact horizontal flow wrapping machine. It is suited for highly reliable hermetic packaging. The Sigpack HML achieves an output of 200 to 350 packages per minute and is available either with heat or heat ultrasonic sealing technology. The flow wrapper is suited for the hermetic packaging of various pharmaceutical products such as vial cards, pens or inhalers. Its open machine design enables a quick line clearance, thus ensuring high process safety. The Sigpack HML can either be loaded independently or may be integrated seamlessly into a complete line. Pack style: The Sigpack HML produces tight, gas flushed (optional) and taut pillow packages with or without gusset folds. A selection of different cuts and sealing profiles is available for end fins and the longitudinal seam. Furthermore, the option list includes code printing, carton insert, labels or coupons, tear strip, tear notches and other easy opening aids. Mode of operation: Products are supplied to the machine. The film isfolded and formed into a tube and then sealed longitudinally and transversely. Thanks to automatic film splicing the reels can be changed fast and safely. Various printing and/or labeling options mark the flow wrapped products. Quality control system verify the process. Construction: The Sigpack HML is a servo machine and is optimized for easy system integration. It’s robust and modular construction is well suited for a 3-shift operation. The strict separation of products, packaging material handling and drive elements meet highest levels in hygiene requirements. Components remain lubricated throughout their lifecycle ensuring continuously low maintenance intensity. The Sigpack HML is available in left-hand and right-hand executions. Your benefits GMP compliant execution Secure and fast format changes High flexibility High process safety High efficiency Heat- and ultrasonic sealing Ergonomic operation

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