Kliklok C80

Kliklok C80
  • Kliklok C80

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    The Certiwrap 80 wraparound cartoner is designed to accommodate the sleeving of meal trays, tubs, and pots, either individually or in a variety of multi-pack configurations, such as single-row, double-row and stacked. Carton blanks are placed atop collated tubs or trays, folded around the product(s) to form the final package, then sealed with glue. The Certiwrap 80 has been developed to handle a wide range of different products and carton styles and shapes, including full, economy, watch strap style, gusseted, and other carton profiles.Easy operation with Insight® touchscreen HMI Proven reciprocating carton feeder Pneumatic gate infeed Quick and repeatable size changes Open, cantilevered design for easy accessYour benefits at a glance Speeds up to 80 cpm Pneumatic gate infeed Easy-to-use Insight® touchscreen HMI Sanitary stainless steel construction Quick and repeatable size changes Wraparound cartoning conserves paper, energy, and consumables
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