BVK 2000 A

BVK 2000 A
  • BVK 2000 A

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    The Miniwrap 2000 is Syntegon’s latest horizontal mini-bag form fill and seal machine for candies and other confectionery articles. With up to 2,000 candies/min this machine moves faster than one’s eyes can follow. But that is not really new for a Syntegon flow wrapper.New about the Miniwrap 2000 is its excellent packaging and sealing quality at all speeds, the new patented cross-sealing station, the rapid size changes, the product flexibility, the convenient straightforward operation via touch-screen, the easy access for maintenance, and last but not least its attractive price. Benefits:Up to 2000 Flowpacks per minute Excellent package and sealing quality Size flexibility Easy changeover Highest efficiency ratio Innovative control system High reliability Easy operation, service and maintenance
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