BAK 0150 A / B

BAK 0150 A / B
  • BAK 0150 A / B

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    The BAK 150 A / B rope formers along with the BSK batch former and BEK and WEF extruders are essential units in the Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) confectionery production lines. Unfilled and filled rope batches are automatically formed and calibrated through a draw-in head followed by four horizontally positioned pairs of sizing rollers for the widest range of products.Easy replacement of the levelling rollers Exactly reproducible production data High rope speed up to 150m/min, the rope circular cross-section remains constant at every setting Exchangeable changing-gears and continuous cross-sectional change Alternative, when B-type continuously variable individual drives for each pair of rollers Low-wear and reliable Optional: five or six horizontal pairs of sizing rollers Optional: talcum coating plant for chewing gum ropes
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