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    The continuous aerating system is used for the production of foam sugar masses, such as foam nougat or casting foam for jelly masses.The heart of this continuous aeration system process is the “Mixing Head”, comprising a stator and a rotor assembled on a main stainless steel shaft. Rotor and stator are both fitted with pins to ensure thorough mixing and distribution of the product slurry. In the mixing head, the mass is mixed and ventilated with a sugar supplement. The continuous process requires a precise and controlled dosing of all components. Variables like mixing action, system pressure, rate of flow, temperature and ratio between the liquid and the gas phase are continuously adjustable to provide a uniform texture with repeatable quality of product and high flexibility.High flexibility with high and reproducible quality Thorough mixing and distribution of the mass by numerous steel pins Precise and controlled dosing of all components Precise adjustable and controllable parameters Low foam density possible
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