BDS 0116 / 6000

BDS 0116 / 6000
  • BDS 0116 / 6000

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    For the confectionery industry the Gravomat BDS 0116/6000 is a very economical and flexible weighing, dosing and mixing system for the highest quality requirements. Its precise weighing system guarantees highest formula consistency, while its flexible recipe management enables fast product changes. The Gravomat is suitable for all kinds of sugar confectionery like gummy & jelly products, hard & chewy candy, toffee & fudge or masses for candy and granola bars.Structure:The Gravomat was designed to be integrated flexibly and easily into existing production installations of a wide range of sectors. This is a particular advantage when it is installed as the central dosing and mixing station. The weighing container is mounted to a frame at 3 points using 3 DMS weighing cells. The individual weighing measuring element is a weighing cell made out of highly-annealed steel with a strain gauge (DMS). A housing (metal expansion joint) hermetically seals the measuring element outwards. The frame, upon which connectors for dosing components can simultaneously be installed, is connected to the base frame.Function description:The feeding of the individual components can take place from supply silos, supply-tanks, feeding pumps or from a supply line ring. Dosing is performed with precision via bulk and dribble fill control. Thus the greatest possible accuracy is achieved. The basic model of the Gravomat includes the dosage of 3 components, e.g. sugar, glucose, water. The number of components can be increased depending on the requirements. Ten different components are not unusual. The weight is converted by the weighing cells into an electrical signal and evaluated. In compliance with the formula the individual components are automatically weighed into the weighing container. The proportion of bulk flow and dribble flow can be adjusted for each specific component using the dosing software, thus achieving high throughput with high accuracy.IPC-controlled dosing and weighing system with variable operational sequence of the dosing programs Weighing tolerance 100 g (BDS 0116) Modular system perfectly adaptable to nearly all requirements Parallel feeding of different production lines 1- 3 recipes can be used simultaneously Optional: with dissolving function (BDS 116 L)
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