BEK 0800 / 1200 MO

BEK 0800 / 1200 MO
  • BEK 0800 / 1200 MO

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    The BEK 0800/1200 MO extruder is a versatile machine that can be used for the manufacture of high-quality products.Uniformly high-filled candy and filled and non-filled multi-colour striped candy can be produced with it.A striped proportion, applied by up to four stripe pumps, of two to five percent can be achieved.The usual manual work becomes an economic, fully automatic production with this extruder, providing precise and equal quality.Product-conserving mode of operation High degree of flexibility: Suitable for crunchy products, filled or non-filled high-boiled candy and sugar-free products An exactly dimensioned and homogeneous mass rope without any air inclusions High degree of flexibility and uniformity for the striping portion and in filling the rope Optional: control of flow rate with regulation of filling degree
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