BEK 1200 - 1500 CO

BEK 1200 - 1500 CO
  • BEK 1200 - 1500 CO

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    The BEK 1200 - 1500 CO consists of two extruders which are feeding a common extrusion head.Through two vertical batch feeders the sugar mass is feed to the extrusion screws and a rope is formed out of two basic masses.Multi-coloured hard candies with a chewy center and liquid filling can be produced as well as two-coloured hard candies with multi-coloured stripes and a filling.Products with a fourfold “stripe-in-stripe” look, together with a filling, can also be made, which provides a wide scope for creativity.Creative, optically appealing, eye catching candy Manufacture of defined mixed products from two basic masses Variety and quick change of different formats Uniformity of distribution/visual appearance Also suitable for the filling of high-boiled candy with chewing gum or chewy candy Different alignment of the basic masses (e.g. center in shell, side by side) Possible stripe proportion of 15-30% (extruded) High imppression depth of the extruded stripes Optional: Use of up to four different stripe colours (pumped) Optional: filling via a filling nozzle
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