BFK 0200 / 0500

BFK 0200 / 0500
  • BFK 0200 / 0500

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    The BFK 0200/0500 filling machine continuously tempers and accurately delivers adjustable quantities of liquid, semi-liquid or pasty products, and has a precise metering and tempering system. It is mainly used for the production of center filled confectionery, such as hard candies, soft candies or chewing gum, in combination with a batch former, or in combination with the Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) Extruders BEK and RopeX.The mass pump conveys the mass out of the filled supply hopper through a water-heated mass tempering unit. The product is heated to the required temperature and forced through the filling pipe into the cone of sugar formed in the batch former or in the filling pipe of the formextruder. If set correctly, the temperature remains constant, with a maximum fluctuation of +/-2°C. By varying the speed, the feeding quantity can be infinitely adjusted. Integration with every continuously operating forming line is possible.Modular system, which can be adapted to specific customer requirements Compact design Stainless steel execution The machine is easy to operate and clean, for fast product changeovers Exact tempering of the filling mass Constant filling rates Wide application range: from liquid to pasty fillings Suitable for all filled products: from hard sugar to chewing gum Different pumptypes (rotary piston pump, eccentric spiral pump Optional: fill flow regulation
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