BKS 0114

BKS 0114
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    The universal batch cooker BKS 0114 is a versatile system for the production of soft caramels (toffees, chewy candy), filling of all types, also jam, gum and jelly confectionery as well as low boiled sugar-glucose solutions; in addition, gentle cooking under vacuum is possible. The BKS is an advanced version of the established version of Hansella batch cookers and mixers.The agitator has a variable speed adjustment to fit different operating methods and different mass-viscosities. Special agitators with spatulas ensure that the mix is uniformly good. The spatulas rake the whole heated area and ensure that the heat exchange throughout the mass is intensive as well as preventing the mass from sticking to the heated wall.The cooking temperature is set at the operating panel. The steam feed is automatically disabled after the set temperature has been reached. A steam outlet valve simultaneously relieves the steam room. A warning light signals completion of the cooking process. The outflow is released by operation of the outlet valve. A vacuum pump is used to create a re-vacuum and cooking in a vacuum depending upon the viscosity.Maximum flexibility Adjustable agitator with Teflon scrapers prevents the burning of protein masses Automatic steam shut-off, when the desired cooking temperature is reached Double-walled steam-heated insulated stainless steel boiler Optional: installation on the load cells Also available with vacuum system: vacuum level < -0,9bar Optional: with a cooling system to reduce water consumption Optional: drain-diameter of 200 mm for highly viscous masses
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