BPK 0150 A

BPK 0150 A
  • BPK 0150 A

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    With the uniplast high-output forming line, Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) offers a machine that is able to produce up to half a million candies per hour. Forming of fully seamless, burr-free, unfilled and high-filled candy is possible on this machine which is available as a stand-alone or line machine for rope speed up to 150m per min. All control elements are easily accessible on the front of the machine: The forming pressure is easy to adjust, product-protecting and reproducible (overload protection). Furthermore, the cutting force on the cutter ring is pneumatically adjustable, and it remains constant even during load fluctuations. This reduces die-head war. Additionally operator error, during a die-head change is reduced. The die-head speed is infinitely adjustable to the sizing rollers speed, so that matching speed is optimum depending upon the sugar consistency. The gear ratio of the insert to the sizing rollers is also infinitely adjustable. A handwheel is used to tension the die-head casing. Adjustment of the die-headsouter raceway is easily accessible and outside of the contamination zone. The die-head cover can be swung out. Electronic control for the forming machine can be provided in a control cabinet for the whole "Uniplast" forming line or directly on the "Uniplast". Flexibly applicable for hard-sugar-, soft-sugar- and chewing gum masses High-capacity output up to 150 m/min rope speed Reliable power center within the "Uniplast" forming line The high quality of the forming allows full utilization of modern high-performance wrapping machines Sturdy, user-friendly structure The machine housing is single-piece, solid Stabilized die-head bearing also because of the die-head axle bearing in the front bearing shield, which is closed by pneumatic pressure Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) offers new die-heads that have considerably longer operating live and a noise level under 85 dB (A) Optional: stamp oiling unit for chewing gum masses

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