BVH 1800 TA

BVH 1800 TA
  • BVH 1800 TA

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    TwinHead is the first and only continuously working wrapping machine with only two heads. Instead of the transfer chain that is currently used (disc infeed, transport chain, transfer, gripper and packaging head – a total of four transfers), the machine uses only two transfer points for feeding and packaging the product.

    A very gentle product handling is also ensured by the fact that the machine eliminates disruptions such as brushes, distribution or deflection rollers in the infeed disc and reduces the centrifugal force in the plate to a minimum.
    The TwinHead is therefore ideal for packaging highly-filled hard candies or other delicate premium products.

    Thanks to the TwinHead’s high degree of flexibility, it is possible to produce double twist, singleend and basket-fold packaging on one machine. A maximum speed of 1,800 pieces/min is achieved for double twist packaging. Even with its high output, the high degree of flexibility makes it possible to adapt quickly and easily to changing market conditions.

    Due to a limited amount of size parts and size part groups, size-changing times are greatly reduced. Quick-to-replace machine components also ensure that the Twin-Head is very easy to clean.


    • Most gentle product handling
    • Suitable for highly-filled and delicate products
    • Output: 1,800 pieces/min DT, 1,000 pieces/min singleend, 750 pieces/min basket
    • Flexible size
    • Wrap types: double twist, single-end and basket wrap
    • Fast size change
    • Easy cleaning
    • Automatic roller change at full speed
    • Operation via touch panel
    • Large size range
    • Saving on packaging material with the “no candy – no packaging material” facility
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