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    The BZK 1000 B inline crystallizer was developed for the continuous re-crystallization and aeration of soft sugar masses. It is mainly used for the continuous production of crystallized chewy candy or toffee, which require a re-crystallized texture. With the inline crystallizer we achieve this without intermediate storage of the sugar mass. The inline crystallizer is installed in the line between the BKK continuous cooker and before the extruder and forming line. It consists of a pre-cooler, the “Rapidcooler” and the actual mixing vessel with stirring and shear elements.Method of operation:After the cooking process, the soft sugar mass is pre-cooled by a cooling unit and then conducted into the inlet nozzle of the inline crystallizer. A Rapid Cooler, a special heat exchanger for high viscosity media, can be used as a cooling unit. The blades of the rotor further convey the sugar mass in the direction of the discharge while generating a high rate of shear in the mass by stationary elements. The shearing, supported by active cooling of the jacketed stator, activates the recrystallization process in the sugar mass. Additional powder ingredients, such as dry fondant or powdered sugar can, for example, can be introduced as seeding material to enhance the recrystallization process. The powdered ingredients can be introduced directly via a powder dispensing unit installed on the inline crystallizer at the inlet nozzle or in the last third of the inline crystallizer through an injection point. As an option, liquid ingredients such as fondant, colours or flavours can also be added into the BZK 1000 B and mixed evenly. A large discharge at the end of the inline crystallizer allows a consistent output, which can be adjusted with a throttle at the inlet. For capacity control the BZK 1000 B can be equipped with load cells. Depending upon the viscosity, the mass is fed from the discharge of the inline crystallizer through a discharge pump or a conveyor to the following cooling drum and then into the downstream RopeX extruder.No interim storage time for recrystallization required Continuous inline production with consistent quality Mixing in of additional additives possible Can be retrofitted on existing soft sugar lines Flexible use for all common recipes Compact design
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