Dispenser Filling & Assembly Machines

Dispenser Filling & Assembly Machines
  • Dispenser Filling & Assembly Machines

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    For fully automatic assembly of wound gel applicators Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) has developed, built and installed a tailor-made system. The complete line has an output of 60 applicators/min. and consists of 5 machine modules. The empty applicators are automatically sorted, fed and then filled with high precision using viscous wound gel including 100% checkweighing. The applicators are sealed in an ultrasonic sealing station with previsouly coded lids and vacuum leak tested. The filled and sealed applicators will be sterilized in custom designed transport racks. Loading of the racks is done row by row using a handling robot.BenefitsGreat overview of all stations/processes and good accessibility to the entire machine for easy format setting Real-time machine monitoring via HMI Small footprint due to compact design Hygienic design suitable for easy cleanability Flexible modular design for future retrofits of the machine to automate feeding stations or monitoring equipment to increase output
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