Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic Pump
  • Peristaltic Pump

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    When it comes to the filling of liquid pharmaceuticals, peristaltic pumps are becoming increasingly popular. Previously they were primarily employed for pharmaceutical development, but today peristaltic pumps present a real alternative to conventional filling systems. The Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) peristaltic pump combines the advantages of the traditional peristaltic concept with first class workmanship, optimized dosage accuracy and a unique operating concept. Because of this it is one of the safest and most user friendly peristaltic pumps, especially for isolator applications. Pump casing, rotor and rollers are made of stainless steel (316L). The offset alignment of the rollers not only guarantees a low pulsation volumetric flow but also reduces the mechanical strain on the tubing. The pump can be opened and closed in two simple steps without removing any parts, saving time and increasing safety, especially for isolator applications. Benefits: Completely replaceable product path (disposable tube) Casing, pump head androtor with rollers made of stainless steel (316L) Fully integrated into the filling machine control system, drive systems and controllers One handed operation thanks to a pivoting pump head cover Very small filling tolerance thanks to a low pulsation volumetric flow No format change parts other than tubing

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