WRL 600

WRL 600
  • WRL 600

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    The Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) Contiline longitudinal cutting machine cuts the mass slab into equal, precise individual ropes. The circular knife shaft - an arrangement of circular knifes and intermediate distance rings - cuts on the cutting roller. The cutting roller is clad with so-called plastic wear rings. Depending on the bar mass, the large blade of the circular knives cuts above, on or into the wear rings of the cutting roller.Rosbust design, easy operation Compact, clearly laid out construction, no conveyor belt, good accessibility, and fast format change Long production times, automatic cleaning and isolation of circular knives Circular knife shaft and cutting roller with own frequency-controlled drive Lifting and lowering of circular knives – easy and quick interruption of production process Lateral positioning and correction of knives relative to the mass slab position - reduction, decrease or avoidance of lateral trimmings (trim-free cutting) Automatic cleaning and isolation of circular knives Adjustment and removal of rope hold-down device without tools Optional: Fine adjustment of blade height – optimisation of longitudinal cutting during production Optional: Detection of mass accumulation in front of the circular knife shaft
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