WRQ 1000

WRQ 1000
  • WRQ 1000

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    The cross cutting machine guillotine cuts the arriving mass ropes crosswise into individual bars. The machine is equipped with an inlet belt and an outlet belt. The inlet belt feeds the mass ropes into the knife. The outlet belt transports the freshly cut bars into the downstream machine. Both belts have their own frequency-controlled drive.Syntegon offers an ultrasonic version of the WRQ for difficult cutting conditions, e.g. sticky, multilayer, laminated or sensitive products. The cutting by ultrasonic ensures clean, sharp cut edges for almost all applications Benefits:Robust design, good accessibility, simple operation Silicone transport belts 2 independent servo axis 120 cuts/min pulsed cutting 300 cuts/min continuous cutting Servo-controlled accurate following movement of the knife – rectangular cut Automatic cleaning and isolation of circular knives Adjustment and removal of hold-down devices without tools Optional: Fine adjustment of knife – cut optimisation during production Optional: Automatic belt tracking, tension and retractable edge Optional: Ultrasonic cutting
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