GKF 2600 ProTect

GKF 2600 ProTect
  • GKF 2600 ProTect

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    The GKF2600 ProTect offers a manual dry containment concept for OEB 3-4.Dry Containment solution for highly potent pharmaceuticalsSafety is top priority in pharmaceutical production – especially when you are using highly potent substances in your production processes. A reliable containment system minimizes operators’ exposure to active ingredients.The GKF 2600 Protect offers the highest protection for staff and products. The capsule filling machine is characterized by a very safe and reliable design, and can be flexibly adapted to containment requirements.Benefits:Robust and tight door concept with safe sealings Reduced dust formation thanks to enhanced dust suction Easy cleaning concept via integrated suction hose Reusable base unit including drives RTP and glove port access optionally available Monitored negative pressure system Up to OEB4 product requirements
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