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    The ISS works completely independently from the main isolator. After the ISS has been loaded, the bio-decontamination of the material takes place fully independently from the process status of the main isolator. After fitting the ISS, the bio-decontamination of the material is also completely independent of the production status of the isolator. Therefore the material transfers allowing to be optimally adapted to the main isolatorʼs production cycle.The ISS uses exclusively outside air from the immediate environment (no recirculation), which is filtered through HEPA filters (class H14). The exhaust air is conveyed directly out of the building or recirculated, through H2O2 catalytic converters, back into the immediate environment.Benefits:Safe and fast transfer process – short cycle time for bio-decontamination starting at 15 minutes Airlock as a stand-alone or integrated version available High process safety due to usage of proven technology Fully automated and fully validated bio-decontamination process
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