RABS / Closed RABS

RABS / Closed RABS
  • RABS / Closed RABS

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    Restricted Access Barrier System from Syntegon Technology (Formerly Bosch Packaging Technology) – more flexibility and quality for existing cleanrooms. More product quality due to physical seperation of product and operator.For flexible and secure production in existing cleanrooms the RABS is the right choice. RABS systems represent a physical seperation between the production environment and the operator. A RABS can be designed as open or closed system (Closed RABS i.e. for high-potent products) in active or passive execution with associated air handling unit – because of the variability a RABS system can be optimized for the requirements of each project. The operation of the system occures by means of monitored gloves as well as integrated material locks and transfer ports.In addition, RABS systems are suitable for retrofitting exisiting production facilities in order to sustainably increase the production quality.BenefitsHigh product quality due to barrier technology Flexible system with short changeover times and high availablility Documented interventions by password protection of the doors Integration of transfer systems Documented mock-up study of the integrated system filling machine with RABS Possibility to upgrade existing production facilities
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