GKF 1400 ASB 100%

GKF 1400 ASB 100%
  • GKF 1400 ASB 100%

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    The GKF 1400 ASB 100% is equipped with an integrated checkweigher. Every capsule produces on the capsule filler is individually and precisely weighed. Only capsules with a weight within the preset tolerances are accepted and make it into the good capsule container. Overweight and underweight capsules are removed and separated into the bad capsule container. The tamping pin pressure is automatically readjusted by an integrated weight readjusting facility with a pneumatic adjuster. In this way it is ensured that the dosing weight remains within the required tolerance limits throughout the production process. The evaluation software computes a mean value from the measured values and makes a target/actual comparison. If the tolerance limit is exceeded, the capsules are discharged. Intervention is recorded in the production report. The high-precision gravimetric weighing cells reproducibly determine precisely and absolutely the weight of the filled capsules. This principle compensates external influences, i.e.ensuring weighing precision. Benefits: Optimal accessibility cGMP-compliant design and construction Highly accurate dosing Versatile dosing possibilities Simple operation Data security Low-maintenance operation Reliability ASB function (automatic trouble-shooting) Fast feedback loop between GKF and KKE

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